Vermont made

Fruitcake & Granola Bars

About Us

In pursuit of something

delicious, nutritious and shippable to friends around the world,

 we made our first fruitcakes as gifts.

Our all natural cakes, (never a  red or green artificial mystery bit in our cakes)

are offered in a variety of sizes,

and variety of styles, including Organic and Gluten Free.


Once we got into biking in beautiful Vermont,

we needed a granola bar to keep us climbing the hills. 

After lots of attempts we made what we think is the best Granola Bar ever,

the MonkeyChew Granola Bar.  Available in 5 tempting flavors.

We eat and enjoy everything we make,

so you can trust in the slow food, nourishing quality

of our fruitcakes and energy building granola bars.  


Old Cavendish Products - making the world smile, one chew at a time.