Vermont made

Fruitcake & Granola Bars

Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I store my Cavendish Fruitcake and how long will it keep?

 Please keep your cakes chilled in the fridge or in a cool spot in your home or even pre-slice and freeze!  (The cakes freeze very nicely).  Either way, your Cavendish Fruitcake will keep at least a year.  Try to savor it sooner!

How long will the MonkeyChew Granola Bars stay fresh?    

There is a date code on every bar, indicating the batch number and the best buy date.  Return the best buy date stamp and package for a refund and replacement if a bar does not taste fresh.  Some of our bars contain a significant amount of dark chocolate, so keep those out of direct heat.  

How do I order gifts for friends and family?

Either email us your gift list with names, addresses, item and message for the gift card  or call (802) 345-5471 and he will take your order.

What  if I have trouble placing my order?  

Whoa, we want to help you!  Not all digital information is perfect so please call (802) 345-5471 or email us and we will return your call or email to help you with your questions.  You can order everything by phone, using any credit card you like or even mail your order to 4865 Twenty Mile Stream Road, Proctorsville VT 05153

 How much is shipping?

Shipping is included for all Fruitcake and MonkeyChew granola bars delivered in the USA.  We provide the cheapest option for other destinations.  

What method of payment do I use?  

We accept all major credit cards  so you can safely shop on the website, or by phone or by mail.


Are your products gmo free?  


We are complying with the State of Vermont to identify all ingredients as gmo free.


 Do you use preservatives?

Never.  Our fruitcakes and MonkeyChew Granola Bars are sweetened with honey, never corn syrup and we do not use preservatives.


Can I order wholesale?

Yes. Please email <[email protected]> or call (802) 345-5471