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Fruitcake & Granola Bars

Hand made MonkeyChew® Granola Bars packed with grains, fruits and bites of dark chocolate bursting with nutritious goodness. No salt. No corn syrup. No preservatives. Just food you can use to power your play! 

Available in five great flavors including Gluten Free, Nut Free, Ginger, Coconut & Original Peanut. Vermont made for all day energy. Chewy, hand made from whole foods!

MonkeyChew® Granola Bars are handmade in our Vermont kitchen from simple, unprocessed ingredients. We mix fruits, nuts, and dark chocolate with our special granola to create a chewy and oh-so-satisfying bar. MonkeyChew® Granola Bars are making the world smile, one chew at a time. ...
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Visit southern Vermont, and you'll find MonkeyChews where the locals hang out (although the guy at the autoparts store in Ludlow, keeps them behind the counter ) or you can get them right from us. Keep a supply of MonkeyChews in your lunch box, pack, pocket or purse. ...
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Gluten Free MonkeyChew® Bars have been independently tested and we are proud to say they exceed the federal standard for gluten free. We use gluten free rolled oats, rice flour, fruits, and nuts to make a snack that’s safe for the sensitive tummy and packed with the same intense flavor and nutrit ...
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So many people have difficulty digesting wheat based foods, yet it can be a challenge to find great tasting alternatives. Relax, you've found delicious Gluten Free MonkeyChew Granola Bars. Hand made with whole food ingredients, moist, chewy and packed with energy! ...
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For our customers with sensitivity to nuts and gluten, this bar is free of both. Packed with the rich flavor of cranberries, our bar is chewy and satisfyingly crunchy, thanks to the gluten free toasted rolled oats and gluten free crispy rice. Topped with dark chocolate. ...
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Whole cranberries tossed with organic crispy brown rice cereal and topped with rich dark chocolate makes a Flavor Full, Chewy snack. If you want a Gluten Free Granola Bar without nuts or seeds, try our New Nut Free Gluten Free Monkey Crisp; Yummy for the tender tummy. ...
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Crispy and chewy at the same time, Coconut MonkeyCrisp® Granola Bars have the tropical flavors of pineapple, banana, and toasted coconut. The base is layered with almonds, crunchy rice, and rolled oats, topped with rich dark chocolate. ...
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Planning a bike ride with all your friends? Need a snack to keep the kids going all afternoon? Order the 30 pack of our all natural Coconut Crisp Granola Bar and keep your coconut and chocolate hounds satisfied. ...
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