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Fruitcake & Granola Bars

Fruit and nut filled fruitcakes we  hand bake in Vermont. Every cake is  sweetened with honey and spices and drenched in fine liqueurs for a moist, richly flavored, preservative free fruitcake. Share with friends far and wide.  It ships well and yes, keeps until you need a bite on a cold wintry night.  Enjoy! 

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Share the goodness of naturally delicious handmade fruitcake in three sizes.  Don't Miss Out. Order Now

FRUITCAKE 2.0 . Cavendish fruitcake challenges the reputation of the old door stop and delivers a naturally rich and delicious cake. ...
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Large Old Cavendish Fruitcake is handcrafted in our Vermont kitchen and packaged in an attractive red gift tin. This 2.5-pound beauty, like all our fruitcakes, is bursting with fruits and nuts, sweetened with honey, and steeped in a generous blend of brandy and liqueur. Serve this fruitcake to frien ...
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Old Cavendish Organic Fruitcake is a blend of organic ingredients, including fruits and nuts, butter creamed with honey, and highlighted with spices and liqueurs to create a moist, richly flavored, 16-ounce fruitcake. ...
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Enjoy our delicious Gluten Free Fruitcake. If you're trying to eliminate gluten from your diet, our fruitcake is safe for the sensitive tummy. It's moist and tasty, chock full of fruits and nuts, sweetened with honey, and drenched in fine liqueurs. For your next outing, take this cake as an all-day ...
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